Factsheet: La Bullipedia – The world’s first culinary Wiki

Download the pdf of this factsheet here

La Bullipedia will be an online database which will hold every bit of gastronomic knowledge  ever uncovered. It is being created by Ferran Adrià – molecular gastronome extraordinaire, widely regarded as the world’s best chef – and Telefónica Digital who will help bring his vision to life, bringing technology to the core of La Bullipedia.

The background

  • Ferran Adrià shocked the world in July 2011 by closing his award-winning elBulli restaurant in order to found the elBulli Foundation. The venture is a centre of innovation allied with digital technology that would place haute cuisine under the microscope and provide a place for culinary innovation.
  • Adrià’s approach to cuisine has been around research and the accumulation of data which he has used rigorously and recorded meticulously in order to create a database which underpins his work.
  • Telefonica Digital has been working closely with Ferran Adrià and his team to explore the possibilities of ‘Digital Food’ since 2010.
  • The data within La Bullipedia will be shared so advanced data mining and analytics can take place.
  • APIs and a software development kit (SDK) will allow third parties to write plugins that expand the creative toolset of the Wiki.

What is it?

  • La Bullipedia will contain past gastronomic discoveries, rules and recipes, latest developments and creations which will come from Senor Ferran Adrià’s very own gastronomic R&D lab – the taller.
  • The wiki will be interactive which allows users to post their own suggestions for new recipes, flavour combinations and culinary concepts.

The belief system

  • Cuisine can be driven, not by ingredients, but by chemistry, physics, psychology, mechanics and technique.
  • In order for cuisine to innovate there must be openness and a departure from the traditional model of chef secrecy.
  • Creative platforms like La Bullipedia can happen in other domains beyond cuisine that rely on innovative knowledge, such as architecture.

Download the pdf of this factsheet here

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