Telefónica Dynamic Insights launches ‘Smart Steps’ in the UK

(above image: A screenshot from Smart Steps showing the location search view)

  • ‘Smart Steps’ will help retailers, councils, and public safety bodies to understand footfall
  • Anonymised and aggregated mobile network data used to calculate number of people visiting an area

14 November 2012Telefónica Dynamic Insights today announced the launch of ‘Smart Steps’ in the UK. Smart Steps will help retailers, local councils, sporting arenas, major event organisers, public safety bodies, and other organisations to measure and understand the number of people visiting an area. Smart Steps is a joint initiative with GfK, Telefónica Dynamic Insights’ market research partner, and will be distributed by both companies.

Smart Steps uses anonymised and aggregated mobile network data to provide extrapolated trends about footfall by time, gender, and age. It will help companies and public sector organisations to make better informed decisions, reduce costs through increased efficiency, and better understand and serve the needs of their customers.

Smart Steps shows how many people visit an area by time, gender and age. Organisations will be able to analyse the movements of crowds at any given place by hour, day, week or month, and make like-for-like comparisons by area, as well as understand catchment patterns.

Retailers can use Smart Steps to understand footfall across their estate, tailor product promotions in existing stores, determine the best locations and formats for new stores, and measure the impact of marketing activity on footfall.

Area footfall shown by time, gender and age
No disclosure of any personal information or tracking of individuals
Distributed by both Telefónica and GfK
Trends extrapolated from the combined data
Will help not just retailers but town councils, sporting arenas and emergency responders
Initial launch in the UK with other countries in the Telefónica group to follow

Town councils can measure how many more people visit their high street after the introduction of farmers markets, free car parking, or late night shopping. Public bodies and organisers of major sporting or entertainment events can use Smart Steps for traffic and crowd management, and Smart Steps also has the potential to inform emergency response planning, by providing a better understanding of the number of people visiting or travelling through different areas at different times of the day or week.

“Smart Steps generates far richer insights than existing footfall measurement products. It shows not only the size of a crowd visiting an area but also anonymised trends on the age and gender composition of the crowd. The information is drawn from a larger sample and is updated far more regularly than traditional tools,” said Steve Alder, Chief Executive Officer at Telefónica Dynamic Insights. “It will help a range of organisations – including retailers, town councils, sporting arenas and emergency responders – to make better informed decisions and better understand and serve the needs of their customers.”

Smart Steps has been developed as part of a global strategic partnership with GfK, one of the world’s leading market research companies. “Smart Steps is a natural extension to our portfolio of market research services,” said Dr. Gerhard Hausruckinger, COO of GfK Consumer Choices. “Our clients cite increasing mobility as a key challenge in understanding current and future consumer behaviour, and we think Smart Steps will play a major role in helping businesses tailor their propositions and distribution strategies to meet their customers’ evolving needs.”

Telefónica Dynamic Insights provides insights extracted from anonymised and aggregated data, but it does not sell personal information. Maintaining customer privacy is at the heart of the product design process. An individual customer’s identity is removed. Their age and gender is then aggregated with the same information derived from other customers’ anonymised data.

A screenshot from Telefonica Dynamic Insights' Smart Steps offering showing the high footfall grid over a week's view

A screenshot from Telefónica Dynamic Insights’ Smart Steps offering, showing the high footfall grid over a week’s view

Trends are extrapolated from the combined data. There is no disclosure of any personal information, individuals are not tracked, and it will never be possible to identify individual customers. Smart Steps is about measuring the size of crowds and not about individuals.

Smart Steps is launching in the UK and other countries in the Telefónica group will follow. In addition to retail footfall measurement, Telefónica Dynamic Insights is also developing analytics products to help companies in a wide range of different industries, and public bodies.


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