Telefónica launches TU Go in the UK

  • TU Go is a new, free-to-download app that lets users make and receive calls, texts and voicemail from their existing O2 number on any supported device
  • The service launched on 28 February 2013 to O2 Pay Monthly customers
  • Calls are charged in line with a Pay Monthly tariff – with calls and texts taken from a customer’s existing O2 bundle

1 March 2013, London UKTelefónica Digital, the digital innovation arm of Telefónica, has launched its revolutionary TU Go service to customers of O2 in the UK. TU Go will change the way people use their phone service by allowing them to make and receive calls, texts and voicemail from their existing O2 mobile number on any supported device.

The new service launched on 28 February for Telefónica UK’s O2 Pay Monthly customers and aims to make customers’ mobile phone numbers truly mobile. Calls and texts using the app come out of customers’ existing O2 bundle of call time and text message allowances.

TU Go will use a customer’s existing O2 number, meaning there are no extra usernames to remember and no separate numbers to give out. Any calls or texts that they send from the app will be delivered by the O2 network as normal so contacts won’t notice anything different.

The TU Go app is available on Apple devices (iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch running iOS 5 and above), Android devices (smartphones and tablets running Android 2.3.1 – Gingerbread – and above) and PCs (running Windows 7 only). Customers can use a single mobile number – their own – across any of these internet connected devices, seamlessly.

Customers using TU Go will be able to make and receive calls and texts to and from anyone on any network, even if the recipient doesn’t have the app installed.

Jamie Finn, Director of Communications Products, said “To date a customer’s phone number has been fixed to one particular device. TU Go changes this, turning the mobile phone into an app and making it possible for customers to enjoy their phone services across a wide range of devices.” He continued:

“It not only allows customers to communicate via their tablet or PC, but it also means that they can have phone conversations in places with Wi-Fi coverage but no mobile reception”

- Using a combination of Voice over IP and the O2 mobile network, TU Go will make it possible for O2 customers to use devices other than their mobile handset to make and receive calls and text messages. The app will also work on smartphones and 3G / WiFi tablets – and customers can choose whether to use it via a Wi-Fi or GSM connection.

- TU Go integrates seamlessly with the O2 network, meaning customers using the app will experience the same service on, for instance, their tablet, as they do on their mobile phone with any calls or texts sent through TU Go landing on the recipients’ phones as normal.

- Those using TU Go will be able to log into the app on up to five devices simultaneously. The service collects calls, texts and voicemail directly from the O2 network rather than from the customer’s phone, so it doesn’t need to be installed on an O2 handset in order for it to work.

This gives customers greater flexibility around which devices they use, whether that’s using their tablet after their handset battery runs dry, keeping them connected on their PC when they’ve left their mobile at home or staying in touch when they are in an area with Wi-Fi but no mobile signal.

- When a user receives a call, their TU Go app will ring across all the devices it is installed on (alongside their mobile handset), a text message will show just the same as it would on a laptop as it would on their phone.  Users are also able to access their device’s local address books and see all their conversations and call history in one timeline, synced across all devices.

TU Go follows on from the May 2012 launch of TU Me ( and is the next phase in Telefónica’s strategy of innovating in its core business of communications. TU Me allows app-to-app communication and sharing via smartphones, keeping a record of every interaction through a simple, searchable timeline. It was the first service from Telefónica to launch directly to consumers and currently has over 1 million registered users.

Telefónica plans to bring TU Go to other operating businesses during the course of the year



UK Customers who want access to TU Go can do so by signing up on the O2 website – TU Go will be made available initially to O2 Pay Monthly customers.


About Telefónica Digital

Telefónica Digital is a global business division of Telefónica. Its mission is to seize the opportunities within the digital world and deliver new growth for Telefónica through research & development, venture capital, global partnerships and digital services such as cloud computing, mobile advertising, M2M and eHealth. It is also driving innovation in over the top communications under a new umbrella brand called TU and in Big Data through Telefónica Dynamic Insights.

Telefónica Digital will deliver these new products and services to Telefónica’s 314 million customers as well as entering new markets. It is headquartered in London with regional centres in Silicon Valley, Sao Paulo, Spain and Tel Aviv. Jajah, Terra, TokBox, Media Networks Latin 48 America, and giffgaff are all managed under the Telefónica Digital umbrella.

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