Track your driving in real time – beta-test the ‘Drive to Improve’ app

Smartphone app and telematics device cited by tech reviews as ‘the Nike fuelband for your car’ will help drivers make smarter decisions. It was also voted one of ‘10 Best Android apps‘ of the week by Guardian Technology.

We’re giving away 1000 telematics devices to beta-testers of our ‘Drive to Improve’ product. The device and app tracks car journeys, helping users to become better, safer drivers.

Want one? Register for the beta here.

And watch a video demo here.

How does it work?
  • The in-car telematics device monitors the driver’s speed, acceleration, braking, route and distance travelled
  • The iPhone/Android app uploads this data and generates easily understandable scores and tips
  • Drivers can see how they rank on community leaderboards and monitor their improvements over time
  • An online community site lets drivers discuss their experiences and swap ideas

Machine-to-Machine (M2M) technology — or telematics — has the potential to transform the automotive industry, from how we pay for car insurance through to how businesses manage fleets of cars. M2M involves embedding a SIM card into the vehicle’s computer to track automatically a whole range of activities from location, to petrol consumption and maintenance needs.

We’re looking for beta testers that try out our newest feature, give us early feedback and let us know what they think.

The application process is straightforward: apply for a telematics device to be installed in your car to monitor your driving style and wait to be alerted if you have been selected for the test cycle.

Project benefits:

- Down the line you could save on your car insurance by creating a record of your driving data and producing a solid driving score

- Feel the benefits at the petrol pump straight away by learning to avoid the bad habits that send fuel consumption costs surging

- Be a better eco-citizen and reduce your CO2 emissions

- Monitor your statistics and learn from other drivers via the online Community and mobile app

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