[Guest Post] Infographic: Where is the future of health tech headed?

Michell Zappa Envisioning TechGuest Author: Michell Zappa (@michellzappa), Futurist and founder of trend forecasters Envisioning Tech

Being in good health is probably the single most fundamental characteristic of all our lives. Healthcare and technology are intrinsically connected, but we rarely notice how technological advancements of the past are behind everything we take for granted in modern medicine.

Everything — from antibiotics to vaccines — from MRIs to plasters — are fundamentally technological in nature. We decided to take a peek of what the future of healthcare holds in store for us. Take a look at this infographic on where we see the future of health tech headed:

View it as a high-resolution pdf here

The Future of Health Tech from Envisioning Tech

(Credits: Visualization researched and designed by Michell Zappa and Patrick Schlafer with assistance from Colin Popell of Prokalkeo)

Emerging technologies in diagnostics and telemedicine might ensure a future where all internet-connected devices will allow rapid identification of existing conditions. Advancements in human regeneration and augmentation mean that within the next few decades our bodies will gain more capabilities and allow us to extend our senses. And new treatments might even extend our lifespans beyond what we ever imagined was possible.