Bringing mobile commerce to life with Weve

(31 Oct 2012) Last week saw the unveiling of Weve – the mobile marketing and wallet joint venture between EE, O2 and Vodafone – and its now gearing up to open for business and offer services to advertisers.


Firstly, what’s the thinking behind its brand name? Strategic design agency SomeOne felt ‘Weve’ represented the trio coming together on the project; the bringing together of employees with from across disciplines and critically, the weaving together of its different products and services. Take a quick look at the design and branding concepts here.

Weve joins up every disparate link in the m-commerce chain with a circle of mobile interactions. Everything from the consumer opt-in process to text-based, rich media and app-based promotions, voucher integration / redemption schemes and payments and loyalty processes are designed to feed back into this circle.

This ensures that the more participants there are, the more efficient and innovative the system becomes.

It is the only m-commerce platform that integrates all of these ideas and technologies into a single, usable platform – available to any business in the UK – backed by the major UK mobile operators and their global parent companies.

What will Weve offer?
To brands: A “single, consolidated customer base” to run mobile marketing campaigns – messaging, location based ads, rich media and video – across the three networks
To advertisers: The opportunity to pay for m-commerce marketing such as coupons and loyalty schemes
To consumers: It is expected that a Weve-branded mobile wallet will be launched in the coming months

O2 joined forces with EE and Vodafone to provide the best possible audience reach and targeted service for brands. The three operators represent over 80% of UK mobile customers – a user base unmatched by any single handset vendor or technology company.

And finally, will Weve be able to take on Facebook and Google on the mobile advertising front? Time will tell.

Track Weve on Twitter @WeveUK

Visit the official Weve website here