Wayra Startup Story: Cleverlize

By Dr Lukas Steinbacher and An Tran, co-founders of Cleverlize (@cleverlize)

E-learning is the next big thing. Consider that the global market for this space is set to hit a whopping US$107 Billion by 2015. And mobile technology has already stirred up every aspect of our lives. In fact, let us shock you a little upfront with a slightly amusing statistic – a survey revealed that 60% of German youths would even abstain from sex over their smartphones!

So as a Wayra Germany start-up, we have combined these two trends in one business – and we call it Cleverlize (@cleverlize). Our idea: e-learning for smartphones and tablets but with a rather special twist.

- Intelligent learn app engine
- No programming skills required
-  Educators can make money by building their learning apps
- Multiple mobile platforms (e.g. iOS, Android, HTML5)
- 450,000+ downloads for the demo app ‘Practice English Grammar’

What need do we fulfil?

The growing mobilization of society raises the importance of location – and time-independent access to educational materials. Moreover, with increasing data-processing performance, demand for individualized learning opportunities are growing.

Educators find themselves asked more and more to transfer their existing learning materials to digital, mobile formats and provide a user specific learning environment. But a lack of programming skills and a variety of mobile operating systems prevent them from fulfilling these educational aims.

So can education ever adapt to this new challenge?

“Yes, we’ll take this on and rock it!” we thought. With Cleverlize, we are working on a solution that solves these – but not only these – challenges.

Cleverlize on a smartphoneBy building an intelligent app engine with a focus on learning, Cleverlize aims to help more than 80 million educators worldwide build and sell their next-generation e-learning apps.

E-learning: A 100%+ market growth in the next 3 years

The growth surge in e-learning poses a problem – educators in general can’t keep up with their students technologically. That’s where Cleverlize comes in.

With Cleverlize, educators can now build their own e-learning apps for smartphones and tablets in a breath – and without any programming skills or IT infrastructure. They work natively on Apple iOS, Google Android or HTML5. This enables access to the mobile world of teaching for every educator as well as time and location independent access to learning stuff for students.

By creating their custom native apps, educators can now easily make money by selling their stuff via app stores to the whole world. Infact, our demo app called ‘Practice English Grammar’ has already had 450,000 + downloads!

But how did Cleverlize come to be?

We met literally for a minute during a break at an event and directly connected. As it happens, this ended up in our programming a first prototype to bring  Cleverlize to life.

Dr Lukas Steinbacher and An Tran, co-founders of elearning app Cleverlize

An Tran (left) and Dr Lukas Steinbacher (right), co-founders of elearning app Cleverlize

In June 2012 we finally sent out our application for the Wayra Germany programme and succeeded. We are now sitting at one of the hottest spots of Munich and get supported by several Telefónica mentors.

Bringing Cleverlize an international stage is our goal for the next months – as well as helping its first user to make it big by selling his/her own e-learning apps that are based on Cleverlize’s technology.  The better the teacher, the more the revenue for all participants of the Cleverlize ecosystem.

With our product we are also able to create some social benefit for the poorer people in the world – we are working on a programme to donate our e-learning apps to the needy. This may sound weird, but one smartphone can often be more helpful than an entire outdated school library.

And apart from the funding, co-working and coaching – where Wayra and Telefónica with their huge professional networks can help Cleverlize to realize our goals – the accelerator programme will help us with the marketing needed to reach an international customer base and improving the user experience of their platform.

The next big thing for us? The launch of the Cleverlize app engine. Stay tuned for the next lessons!

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